Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Grunt Girls honored the first graduating class of Corpus Christi's Christian Women's Job Corps with an awesome BBQ! Pastor Bil and Jessica were in attendance along with the CWJC director, Lil Abshier. The CWJC graduates brought their families to celebrate, and the Grunt Girls were able to bless them with fellowship, encouragement and fantastic BBQ! If you would like more information about CWJC or would like to get involved with this ministry, contact Lil at (361) 334-4263 .


Hello Grunt Girls and JANES!

It's time for some food and fellowship! On Sunday, April 27th from 1-4pm, we will be having a BBQ for the soon to be graduates of The Christian Women's Job Corps (CWJC)! The BBQ will be at Heather's house located at 13634 Burning Tree Lane, Corpus Christi, TX 78410.

The Grunt Girls, JANES and all of our families are invited to celebrate the wonderful things God has been doing in our lives. Let's celebrate the hard work the CWJC women have done to graduate. Let's encourage them and show them how much fun it is to be a JANE! Let's take a break from all of our hard work. Let's eat, fellowship and spend some time with our family.

We would also like to give these CWJC graduates a graduation gift. We ask that you bring a book to the BBQ. We have selected 3 books for you to choose from: The Purpose Driven Life, His Mysterious Ways and Faith & Finances. These books range from $5-$10 and can be picked up at Barnes & Noble, The Family Christian Book Store and even Wal-mart!

Grunt Girls, if you would like to help out with preparation for the BBQ or would even like to bring a dish, call Heather for details at #249-5708. We really hope to see you all there! Feel free to come and go as your schedules see fit.

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another-and all the more as you see the Day approaching."
- Hebrews 10:24-25


Heather, Marta and Jennifer
The Grunt Girls' Organizers



I wanted to tell everyone how our mission went for the month of April 2008. As you all know, the Grunt Girls have been focusing on helping the Christian Women's Job Corps for the past few months. Jennifer Keller initially came up with the idea to have a garage sale with all the proceeds going to the Christian Women's Job Corps. I told quite a few people we were having a garage sale and who it would benefit. A lot of people asked what we would have for sale. I told them from the looks of it mainly awesome clothes and awesome toys. A lot of people even asked how much we planned to raise. I told them a $1,000.00. I got a lot of laughs, strange looks, and good lucks. I had prayed to GOD to give us $1,000.00 from the garage sale that would benefit the Christian Women's Job Corps. I told people that was what we would give the CWJC. I honestly and truthfully did not know who would help or what we would have to sell prior to receiving anything. All I knew was that GOD would pull through for us.

I was scared to tell people that was what our plan was. I was also scared to fail, but in the back of my mind I could hear, "Don't be scared. I am with You." So I continued and slowly piece by piece my awesome Father provided. One day Heather West came by with a truck and trailer full of stuff; it was so much stuff that it was funny. On the day of the garage sale I woke up at 4:30am to set up, and GOD sent me Shamay at 5:00am to help. Shamay and I prayed to GOD that He would send people to our garage sale and buy things from us. Shamay stayed until 7:30am and had to leave because of a prior engagement. I was so grateful to GOD that Shamay helped set up, because I could not have done it alone.

Jennifer Keller then showed up to help and my husband woke up to help too. Quite a few people who went to the garage sale asked if I had advertised the garage sale. I politely said no and maybe the next time I would. Inside, though, I knew why I had not advertised. The same reason I had never advertised a garage sale before because GOD would be my advertiser. In my heart I honestly believed with Him behind me I could do anything. I am ashamed I did not tell them why I did not advertise. I will speak of the great things my Father does from this day forth. I remember Jennifer asking at the garage sale, "What do you think we are going to make today?" I told her a $1,000.00. Jennifer smiled and said, "No, what do you really think we are going to make?" I told her a $1,000.00. Jennifer said in agreement, "Your right." By the end of the day the garage sale ended up making $1,066.25. I have never been at a garage sale where clothes and toys made a $1,000.00.

I know the only way that money was made was by GOD. GOD saw the GRUNT GIRLS unite and pitch in their part. Every action and part mattered. You must really understand that by you doing your part by bringing clothes, toys, hangers, bags, various items, you are making a difference. Your support and your time all mattered. Your obedience to our FATHER'S cause was significant. Whether you were there or not, your part mattered. You made a difference. Our pastor says that if we do the ordinary, our Father will do the extraordinary. Because of each and every one of your efforts, LIVES WILL BE CHANGED.

The money raised for the Christian Women's Job Corps could go to food, supplies, Bibles; and, who knows, maybe even help someone find Jesus Christ. With your efforts maybe someone can own their first Bible, which in turn may lead to thousands of that person's descendants knowing Christ. All of this because you donated some stuff for a garage sale. Please never ever underestimate the difference you can make. I thank you, my awesome, lovely and powerful GOD! You allowed me to see and feel Your glory.

I am challenging every person that reads this message to never stop serving. I challenge everyone along with myself to make a difference in your life and in other's as well. For those of you who have stopped reading the Bible, I challenge you to read a paragraph a day. I challenge those of you who have stopped going to church to put GOD first and go to church. I challenge all of you who have never been to a mission to come to the next mission. I challenge you to see GOD's glory first hand by being a willing vessel. The GRUNT GIRLS and JANES Women's Ministry need more servants. I challenge you to join us.

I am praying for women to lead mission groups that are waiting to be started. If that girl is you, call me at 361-946-0100. If you would like to attend missions, come! We need you. Thank you to everyone for all you have done. Thank you for letting this blessed day happen. And, most of all, thank You, Father in heaven, for loving us and hearing our prayers. The check of $1066.25 will be given to the Director Lil Absner of the Christian Women's Job Corps within the next week. The up coming Grunt Girl Mission will be here shortly, so get your gear ready because we will be calling for you. MAY ALL THE GLORY ALWAYS GO TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. AMEN.

Marta Perez-Gonzalez
Team C Compassion Leader

Pictures of the garage sale aftermath coming soon.