Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am proud to recognize the JAG unit and their first mission. The JAG Unit Clean-Up lead by Christine Poe on October 18, 2008 was an awesome success. According to the Corpus Christi Police Department 22 sites were cleaned, 23 gallons of paint were used, and 39 volunteers helped. The JAG Unit made an extreme difference in our community by praying for persons committing the offense and for the the property. I would just like to thank the JAG Unit and all the volunteers who made this mission a success. May GOD Bless you for your service.
Team C Coordinator
Marta Gonzalez

Christian Women Job Corp Potluck!!!

Thank You GRUNT GIRL's for making the CWJC Potluck a success!! The Christian Women Job Corp students raved about all the wonderful dishes made and wanted to thank the GRUNT GIRL's for all their hard work. May GOD Bless you for your service.


Heather, Jennifer, & Marta