Sunday, January 24, 2010


It is amazing girls to see how GOD provides when you ask. One year ago this month my husband and I asked GOD to provide a place so we could give free clothing. The only problem was we had no clothes to give, no place to give clothes, no help to give clothes, no leader to oversee the group, and the list goes on. What we did have was faith and a dream GOD would provide. Girls, not only did GOD provide he far exceeded our expectations. Below is a picture of what we started with, a couple of bags of clothes.

One year later GOD has provided over 4 free storage units to hand out clothes (Donated by Action Storage). Each unit is filled with clothing. God also provided an amazing leader, Diane Hart, and amazing volunteers to manage JANES CLOSET.

GOD provided clothes, a place to put the clothes, volunteers to hand out the clothes, a leader to oversee the group, and people to receive the blessing. All because someone had a dream and a little faith. Imagine now what he can do with you. What dreams do you have to help his kingdom?

I am blessed to know Christ, I am blessed to serve along such amazing women, I am blessed to see GOD's glory and provision. Come and serve with the SEE JANE REACH team you are needed and will make a difference. Thank you Christ for all you do. Thank you SEE JANE REACH team for your faithful servitude.