Thursday, July 9, 2009


The GRUNT GIRLS gathered together on June 13, 2009 for their June mission. The GRUNT GIRLS collected items so desperately needed by the women of Recovery Contacts. So many girls opened their hearts and gave so generously. Girls were also able to enjoy awesome food brought by each volunteer.

GRUNT GIRLS donated pots, pans, towels, hygeine products, more air conditioner's, and so much more.

Thank you so much GRUNT GIRLS for being so faithful in serving our LORD.

Marta Gonzalez
Team C Coordinator
For more information on the needs of the women from Recovery Contacts or the services they provide please contact 361-723-0614.


Hi Ladies!!!! The GRUNT GIRLS had their 2ND Annual Garage Sale and it was a success! The GRUNT GIRLS raised over $800.00. A portion of the money was given to 3 organizations: Victory Fellowship Home, Christian Women's Job Corp, and Recovery Contacts.Recovery Contacts Home for Women is a place women can go to recover from drug addiction after they have been 30 days drug free. The rent fee is given at a low cost so that the women can focus on recovery.Your help and the proceeds from the garage sale helped purchase air conditioner's for the women's home at Recovery Contacts.
Early bird GRUNT GIRLS setting up for the garage sale.Who says GRUNT GIRLS can't shop while they work for the LORD!!!! Thank you to all who prayed for this mission, who were changed by this mission, and who served in this mission. GRUNT GIRLS you are amazing!!

Christian Women's Job Corp is an organization that gives women for free computer classes and a solid foundation in the LORD. Victory Fellowship Home is for men and women trying to recovery from drug addiction.
Never stop! Never quit! Make a difference! Serve! Give Christ the Glory!
Thank You,
Marta Gonzalez
Team C Coordinator
For more information on Recovery Contacts call 361-723-0614, Christian Women Job Corp call 361-334-4263, and Victory Fellowship Home call 361-882-3279.